Company history

Badelement A/S was founded in 2008 by Lise and Henning Jørgensen.

The company’s history goes back to 1981, when Henning Jørgensen, as a newly qualified building constructor and authorised plumber, joined his father, Ejner Jørgensen’s company, EJ Badekabiner, which had been producing modular bathroom pods since 1963.

Due to liquidity problems, EJ Badekabiner went into receivership in 1989 and was taken over by John Hansen, Arne Løvbjerg and Niels Sandahl. Henning Jørgensen continued in the re-established EJ Badekabiner as sales manager.

In 1990, Lise Jørgensen also joined EJ Badekabiner as project manager.

Lise and Henning Jørgensen resigned from EJ Badekabiner in 2004 and in the same year founded the company HBS Skandinavien, which sold bathroom pods on an agency basis for the German company HBS, which had production in the Czech Republic.



In 2008, the agreement with HBS was cancelled and Badelement A/S was founded. First with production in Cheb in the Czech Republic, and the following year factory facilities and production equipment were purchased in Boleslawiec in Poland.

An office was established in Horsens, Denmark, which manages sales, planning, purchasing, deliveries to construction sites and service.

Production was slowly increased year by year, and in 2013 the company expanded production with a new factory in Rakowice Male.

In 2017, we expanded with another factory in Poland with its own concrete mixing plant and foundry. This is in Nowa Sol.

Thus, the company now has 3 factories in Poland with a production capacity of 45 finished bathroom pods per day and produces approx. 10,000 prefabricated bathroom pods annually.

In 2017, we optimised the cooperation with our suppliers so that we only produce sustainable bathroom pods that are registered in the database of building products that can be used in sustainable and DGNB-certified construction – without raising our prices.

In 2017, the German private equity fund Findus Badelement Aps was acquired by Lise and Henning Jørgensen. In connection with the deal, Lise and Henning Jørgensen bought 20% of the share capital in Badelement A/S, so the current ownership ratio is 80/20%.

2019 Badelement opened a new office in Norway and started delivering bathroom pods to the Norwegian market.

In 2020, Badelement became SINTEF approved.

In 2021, Badelement started producing lightweight bathroom pods and entered the Swedish market.

In 2022, Badelement established a new division that designs and produces prefabricated service shafts.


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