– The strong alternative to traditional bathrooms

Traditional bathroom manufacturing involves 8 different trades, and coordinating these trades is a significant task, especially in large construction projects with many bathrooms. The risk of delays is high, and there is often waste of both materials and time. Finally, it takes time to assess the often-varying quality of the work performed.


The choice of prefabricated bathroom pods:

  • Makes the building management’s job easier
  • Ensures uniform quality of the work performed
  • Reduces construction time.

Mass production is the keyword. It requires series of over 20 bathroom pods and a uniformity in the design of the bathrooms. Our factory-made bathroom pods are customized to your construction project. We have no fixed templates but carry out the design based on your – and your architect’s – ideas and drawings.

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Modular bathroom pods from Badelement are included in the database for building products that can be included in sustainable construction, DGNB-certified construction, and the Norwegian BREEAM certification, BREEAM-NOR. In collaboration with our suppliers, we ensure that materials, components, production form, etc., stay below the threshold values – without raising the price. We provide the necessary documentation in one package, making this too easier for the building management.

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  • Multi-story residential buildings (both owner and rental construction)
  • Terraced houses
  • Student housing and dormitories
  • Hotels
  • Nursing homes, elderly housing, and hospitals



Getting the correct bathroom pods to the construction site at the right time – when the construction is ready to receive them – requires meticulous planning. Badelement has extensive experience with this and therefore delivers just-in-time. This ensures that you have the right pods for assembly in the construction – precisely when you need them.

The bathroom pods are transported from our Polish factory to each construction site on trucks. Prior to loading, the pods are prepared for transport, including effective sealing, which prevents damage along the way. The form of transport is flexible – the bathroom pods can therefore be delivered to the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantity.


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