Quality assurance

– Your assurance

We develop a project-specific quality assurance manual for each project.


The manual includes a inspection form for:

  1. Raw pod geometry. Measurement control
  2. Raw pod quality, surfaces, embedments, and recesses
  3. Control of waterproofing membrane. Implementation
  4. Electrical control. Insulation test, resistance measurement of equipotential bonding, functional test
  5. Leak testing. Water, heating, drainage
  6. Final inspection. Quality of the work performed.

All the above are 100% checked, and all inspection forms are related to the bathroom pod’s unique production number.

For each project, a reference pod is produced, which is included in our QA system.


Additionally, for pods with vinyl coating:

  1. Start-up check
  2. Final inspection

The inspection corresponds to the flooring industry’s QA for vinyl coating.

Upon completion of the deliveries for each project, the project-specific QA material is sent.


WORKFLOW – how each task is addressed

1. Development of product drawings

2. Approval of product drawings

3. Mould construction of bathroom pod

4. Floor/Wall/Ceiling production

5. Assembly of the raw bathroom pod

Quality Assurance

6. Interior finishing

7. Exterior finishing

Quality Assurance

8. Plumbing and electrical work

Quality Assurance

9. Silicone application/sealing/cleaning

Quality Assurance

10. Packaging

11. Dispatch of bathroom pod

12. On-site assembly

13. Service inspection, handover, and commissioning



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