Service Shaft

An innovative installation solution for new construction and renovation projects

In close collaboration with our clients and focusing on the entire construction process, we develop and produce prefabricated service shafts, contributing to sustainable future constructions such as apartment buildings, offices, hotels, and terraced houses.

Optimal shaft solutions are achieved when all parties are involved early in the process.


Build sustainably, safely, economically, and time-efficiently

To produce the best service shafts and achieve optimal utilization of the construction’s net area, it’s essential to involve the architect, engineer, and Badelement as early as possible. This applies to both standard and custom solutions, simultaneously making installation cost-effective and reducing construction time. All our bathroom pods and service shafts can standardly be part of sustainable construction.


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A solution that enables simple and safe installation – floor by floor

The prefabricated service shaft is equipped with the required installations and thoroughly quality assured before delivery to the construction site. During the construction of the shell, cut-outs for the service shafts are made, which are cast simultaneously with the floor slabs. Thus, the service shafts are installed parallel to the construction of the shell.


Errors and deficiencies reduced to a minimum

Ventilation and heating are activated with the service shaft’s temporary construction power for drying the building as soon as the shell is closed, thereby eliminating the need for interim heating. Our solution requires less coordination on the construction site, which reduces errors and deficiencies to a minimum.

Prefabricated service shafts produced at our own factory in Poland

For our solutions, we use a fully digitalized workflow and high-quality components according to individual country norms and standards. Our streamlined production ensures consistent quality and efficient resource use with minimal waste.

Safety and a healthy working environment are top priorities for us. We operate, among other things, with the 5S model within Lean, which ensures a clean and orderly workplace and helps save time, minimize accidents and errors, and increase employee satisfaction.


Ready for installation upon delivery

All service shafts can be produced with ventilation, heating, potable water, drainage, roof water, electrical conduit, etc., and are functionally tested and tightness tested at the factory. Thus, they are ready to be installed alongside the concrete elements in the construction. The efficient production process also ensures that we can deliver on time.

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Designed using the latest 3D technologies

Today, prefabricated service shafts are a crucial conceptual component in buildings, and therefore our clients are involved early in the process. Together, we choose between advanced standard models and design the service shaft using the latest 3D technologies to precisely fit the individual construction.

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