As an engineer, you are responsible for ensuring the building’s technical installations – including that the service shaft’s installations have the capacity that corresponds to the legal requirements and the number of bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, etc. This safety is built into our plug & play solution, which is customised to your building project.


The engineer’s benefits of using a prefabricated service shaft

With BIM, the physical dimensions and service access are already defined in sketch proposals

Full integration with BIM optimises the building process – for example, because precise dimensions are defined early on, and our prefabricated service shafts are designed with service access from the bathroom. In addition to providing greater flexibility in space utilisation, the location also facilitates access for subsequent operation and maintenance.

Coordinated design using 3D technology

With our installation solution, you can create a 3D IFC model of the prefabricated service shaft, which is both quality assured and coordinated with all surrounding installations and structures. The solution is also available as a customised solution, where the shaft design is adapted to each individual building.

Work with standard or customised design solutions

Today, prefabricated service shafts are a very important conceptual component in buildings, which is why our customers are involved early in the process to achieve the best solution. Together, we choose from advanced standard models and, using the latest 3D technologies, design the service shaft to fit exactly to the individual building. Find out more about what our service shafts can contain.

Reduced design and construction time

Prefabricated service shafts create value all the way through the project from the 100 % digital design phase, through installation and on to the subsequent operation and maintenance. You get a proven concept that can be incorporated into sustainable construction, reduces design and construction time, and minimises subsequent operation and maintenance. In renovation projects, rehousing can be avoided as the installation and commissioning of the service shafts can be done within a short time.

We have chosen to lead the way in the construction industry by offering a unique solution where the prefabricated service shaft can be connected to the prefabricated bathroom pods at the factory, so both products are delivered and installed in the building as a complete plug & play solution.

Proven solutions with consistent, high quality

Streamlined production at our own factory in Poland ensures consistent quality and efficient resource utilisation with minimal waste. All service shafts are produced with ventilation, heating, domestic water, drainage, roof water, electrical routing, etc. and are function-tested and leak-tested at the factory. They are then ready to be installed alongside the concrete elements in the building. The efficient production process also helps to ensure that we always deliver on time.

No more reinventing the wheel on every project

On the one hand, no two shafts in residential construction today are almost identical, and on the other hand, the contents of the shafts are basically the same – yet service shafts are designed from scratch every time. With prefabricated service shafts for implementing the building’s technical installations, you don’t have to start from scratch with every project.

Sustainability as standard

All our bathroom pods and service shafts can be included in sustainable construction at the highest levels as standard – it’s in our nature to be at the forefront of future requirements.


Better design. Better security. Better documentation.

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