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Levysgade 14, st.
DK-8700 Horsens
VAT number. 31 75 24 69

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Badelement A/S, service shafts
Ventrupparken 10, 1. sal
DK-2670 Greve

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Invoice submission:


Badelement - Henning Jørgensen

Henning Jørgensen

Managing Director
Badelement - Hans Henrik Nielsen

Hans Henrik Nielsen



Badelement - Jan Boendorf Madsen

Jan Boendorf Madsen

Badelement - Kirsten Nørgaard

Kirsten Nørgaard

Bookkeeping Manager
Badelement - Anette Damberg

Anette Damberg

Accounting Manager


Badelement - Martin Løkkegaard

Martin Løkkegaard

Sales Manager
Badelement - Kasper Blom

Kasper Blom

Key Account Manager
Badelement - Paw Møller Christensen

Paw Møller Christensen

Offer Manager


Badelement - Ulrik Eberth

Ulrik Eberth

Purchasing Manager
Badelement - Birgit Karstensen

Birgit Karstensen

Purchasing Coordinator
Badelement - Iulia A. Laursen

Iulia A. Laursen

Purchasing Coordinator


Badelement - Anja Hurup Sørensen

Anja Hurup Sørensen

Project Planning Manager
Badelement - Inga Baskakovaite Serepine

Inga Baskakovaite Serepine

Team/Project Manager
Badelement - Jurgita Friis Nielsen

Jurgita Friis Nielsen

Project Coordinator
Badelement - Diana Nielsen

Diana Nielsen

Project Coordinator
Badelement - Cristina Bocaniciu

Cristina Bocaniciu

Project Coordinator
Badelement - Christina M. Jacobsen

Christina M. Jacobsen

Project Coordinator
Badelement - Huseyin Okcu

Huseyin Okcu

Project Coordinator


Badelement - Ulrik Kristensen

Ulrik Kristensen

Logistics Coordinator


Badelement - Bo Rasmussen

Bo Rasmussen

Service Manager
Badelement - Heidi Lomborg

Heidi Lomborg

Service Coordinator
Badelement - Faska Karalic

Faska Karalic

Service Coordinator
Badelement - Abdullah Karalic

Abdullah Karalic

Service Coordinator
Badelement - Susan Brøchner Riel

Susan Brøchner Riel

Service Coordinator
Badelement - Leif Jensen

Leif Jensen

Construction Manager – Zealand
Badelement - Kasper Lyngbye

Kasper Lyngbye

Construction Manager – Zealand

service shafts

Badelement - Niels Paludan

Niels Paludan

Director, service shafts
Badelement - Steen Nielsen

Steen Nielsen

Sales and Design Manager, service shafts
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