At Badelement, we don’t compromise on our modular bathroom pods. We want to continuously lead the way with solutions that improve quality and protect the environment – that’s part of having perfection as a standard.

That’s why the materials used in Badelement’s modular bathroom pods fulfil the requirements for the following certifications:



DGNB-certified construction fulfils European environmental, economic, and social standards. Badelement’s modular bathroom pods can be included in DGNB-certified construction.



BREEAM is an international certification scheme for environmentally sound construction – the first of its kind. Modular bathroom pods from Badelement fulfil the requirements for BREEAM-certified construction, including BREEAM-NOR, which is the Norwegian version of the international certification.


SINTEF (20668)

Our modular bathroom pods are SINTEF approved and thus comply with Norwegian standards for quality, values, and the environment.



Badelement is in the process of being approved by The Research Institute of Sweden. With this certification, we can be part of sustainable construction in Sweden and meet the requirements of Säker Vatten and other environmental and quality assurance organisations.

Green Elements: In 2017, we reorganized our production so that our bathroom pods by default comply with the requirements for sustainable building – without extra cost.

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