Manuals and drawings

The assembly instructions for modular bathroom pods from Badelement have been developed to ensure correct handling of our product from the time of dispatch from the factory to the delivery of the project to the client. By following these instructions, the product is protected throughout the construction period.  



Installation of the bathroom pods can be done easily, quickly and without problems if our manual is followed.

See installation instructions for concrete bathroom pods here



For each project, we prepare an operation and maintenance manual that describes in detail the construction and technology of the bathroom pod, as well as the maintenance of the materials used, reorder data and service data.



Based on the construction drawings, we always prepare detailed product drawings of the bathroom pods included in each project. We send the product drawings to you and your advisor for comments. Any comments are incorporated by Badelement into the drawings, which we then send to you and your advisor. Only when the drawings are approved are they released for production. 

DWG drawings are available on request.


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