Green partners for green building

The environmental requirements for future construction are stricter than ever before. In a strategic partnership, Badelement A/S and GROHE A/S deliver sustainable quality solutions that fulfil the environmental requirements of the construction industry.

For more than 12 years, Badelement and GROHE have been strategic partners. A collaboration that works towards the same common denominator – sustainable and future-proof solutions for Danish construction. In 2017, Badelement took the first big step and became the first on the market to supply green bathroom pods for developers, housing associations, municipalities and other large-scale construction projects.



Every year, Badelement delivers around 11,000 prefabricated and customised bathroom pods throughout the Nordic region. Together with GROHE, who is part of Team Badelement, they deliver bathrooms with energy- and water-saving sanitary solutions to over 70 construction projects every year, the majority of which are part of sustainable construction.

Henning Jørgensen, Managing Director at Badelement, explains that there is an increasing focus on green solutions:

“We have long realised the need for sustainable development. That’s why we only supply sustainable bathroom pods without increasing the price. A bathroom shouldn’t cost more just because it’s sustainable. Our partners in Team Badelement don’t just have to think sustainably, they must deliver sustainable solutions. GROHE has the sustainable product range that meets the sustainable demands of our customers.”

With the green bathroom pods, Badelement, in collaboration with GROHE, is at the forefront of legislation and in line with developments in the Danish construction industry and the increasingly stringent sustainability requirements in public and private tender documents. For example, the two partners have delivered 190 fully finished bathrooms to Alsik Hotel in Sønderborg, Denmark, matching the hotel’s strict specifications to become 100 % CO2 neutral by 2029.



In sustainable building, there is a particular focus on water and energy optimisation. Since 2017, the two partners have helped ensure a total energy saving of 6 million kWh in hotels and joint projects. For example, Badelement’s bathroom pods with GROHE products have given Comwell Hotel Aarhus an annual water saving of 4 million litres per year. This is an annual saving of approx. 210,000 DKK excl. VAT, compared to the price of water and district heating.

Senior Project Sales Manager, Henning Lien, from GROHE explains that the important thing in their collaboration with Badelement is also to ensure comfort in addition to ensuring large resource savings in operations:

“Most people are on the green wave to a greater or lesser extent, but especially with Badelement and the projects we collaborate on, we can reduce resource consumption significantly while ensuring comfort. This is something we are constantly working on, and it is the strength of our collaboration and partnership.”

With the green collaboration, Badelement and GROHE are already at the forefront of the demand for green solutions. Together they have developed a certificate that shows how much the different projects have saved in terms of water, energy, and CO2. Proof that the building has installed sustainable bathrooms.



Badelement has long since realised the need for sustainable development combined with a sharp focus on cost-effective production. Badelement is experiencing significant growth and has been growing steadily since its establishment in 2008. The reasons include long-term, strategic planning through constellations such as the collaboration with GROHE. The collaboration takes the form of specific GROHE project services such as water and energy calculation, product specification, product documentation, installation training, service, and technical support.

“It’s important for us to be sure that we have a partner who can fulfil the task specified in collaboration with our customers, and GROHE has done that to the fullest. Especially in the energy-saving and water-saving area. It gives us confidence in our counselling that we have a partner who is equipped for the task,” says Henning Jørgensen, CEO at Badelement.



Badelement A/S and GROHE A/S have delivered green bathrooms to 250 buildings since 2017.

The bathroom pod manufacturer Badelement A/S is the Nordic region’s largest supplier of prefabricated and customised bathroom pods, and GROHE A/S is Europe’s largest provider of total water technology solutions such as fittings, shower systems and cisterns.

Green projects that badelements bathroom pods have been included in:

  • Comwell Hotel, Aarhus
    4 million litres of water savings annually
    = DKK 210,000 excl. VAT
    See the case study here
  • Alsik Hotel, Sønderborg
    6 million litres of water savings annually
    = DKK 108,613 excl. VAT
    See the case study here
  • Hasselholm, Copenhagen
    1 million litres of water savings annually
    = 125,593 DKK excl. VAT
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