Team Badelement


Badelement emphasises close and committed cooperation with suppliers. This ensures consistently good quality, security of supply and extra readiness when critical tasks need to be solved – which is one of the reasons why in 2017 we were able to switch to delivering bathroom pods that can be included in sustainable construction as standard. Our modular bathroom pods fulfil all requirements for DGNB, RISE, SINTEF and BREEEAM certification as standard. Together with Badelement A/S, Team Badelement is also a sponsor in various organisations.

Our good and close partners in Team Badelement are committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. This is one of the reasons why we have come a long way and are constantly getting smarter and better. Read below how some of our partners work with green transition:

Duravit’s range offers great flexibility and market adaptability. This has enabled us to incorporate Duravit’s high standard of design sanitation in our bathroom pods for youth housing, residential (owner/tenant) and hotels. Duravit’s quality products help us secure a strong marketing position.

With F. Grohe, we have the backing of one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of fittings. With its unique range of products in both standard and design series, F. Grohe has made it possible for Badelement to offer our customers quality products for every purpose at competitive prices.

The unique design of unidrain® and Badelement’s strategy of quality and design are in perfect harmony. Our collaboration has created a perfect alliance that benefits our customers. unidrain® continuously and innovatively adapts the products to our changing needs. This makes the collaboration valuable – for us and our customers.

Based on many years of experience, Colour Ceramica has created an excellent collaboration with Badelement. The collaboration focuses on the wide range of quality tiles and the ability to deliver to any type of construction project for which we supply bathroom pods. The prices are the “right” prices and the reliability of delivery from Colour Ceramica is a crucial factor for our production.

In Denmark, HTH is a brand that you can’t ignore. With HTH as our partner, we can offer our customers the latest designs and solutions in bathroom cabinets at attractive and competitive prices. With HTH’s top quality and delivery reliability, this is a product we can confidently offer our customers.

With our collaboration with Pressalit Care, we have a partner who is the market’s most experienced manufacturer of disability aids. Through Pressalit Care’s extensive programme, we have a good, well-developed range that can meet our customers’ many wishes for bathroom design for nursing homes and hospitals.

Marmorline supplies quality, fully moulded worktops for bathrooms. The worktop programme includes several different material types, each produced according to the end customer’s specific wishes and requirements in both classic and modern designs.

Brødrene Dahl is Denmark’s largest plumbing wholesaler backed by an international group. This gives us a wealth of opportunities when it comes to offering plumbing components. Through the group’s purchasing agreements, we are guaranteed the market’s best prices, high delivery reliability and an efficient distribution system.

brødrene kier is a plumbing wholesaler with great flexibility and purchasing experience. This allows us to buy plumbing supplies at the best prices on the market. Here, nothing is too small or too big. We are close to the decision-makers and can make quick decisions. An important characteristic in the market we operate in.

For a number of years, Erichsen & Co. has skilfully handled our logistics for material deliveries from more than 30 different suppliers’ monthly deliveries to the factories in Poland. Erichsen & Co. is the centre of a complicated material handling system on which our factory in Poland is 100% dependent. A job that we have confidently left to the company.

Every year, Robert Kaczmarek handles more than 500 full lorry loads of bathroom pods for Badelement from the factory in Poland to construction sites all over Denmark. All transports are just-in-time deliveries, and Robert Kaczmarek delivers with the perfection that we and our customers demand. The company’s freight forwarding experience and capacity provide great opportunities for flexible transport solutions – to the benefit of both us and our customers.

With more than 125 years as a supplier to the painting industry and a global presence, Flügger contributes valuable knowledge and know-how – both as a supplier of wet room paint and as a sparring partner in relation to being at the forefront of sustainable development with minimal environmental impact.

Lemvigh-Müller is Denmark’s largest steel and technical wholesaler. With their extensive inventory and well-oiled logistics apparatus, our collaboration with Lemvigh-Müller is an extra guarantee that we at Badelement can meet deadlines and quality requirements to perfection – every time.

Shark & Co. has carried out large and small marketing tasks for us with convincing project management and creativity. With their extraordinary commitment, they have convinced us that our marketing and communication is handled professionally.


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