Modular bathroom pods and service shafts in sustainable construction

Is it possible to utilise the benefits of modular bathroom pods and service shafts when you want to build Nordic Swan Ecolabelled or sustainability certified (DGNB) buildings? Yes, it can. In fact, there are already several Nordic Swan Ecolabelled and DGNB-certified buildings, where modular bathroom pods and service shafts from Badelement are part of the solution – e.g. the Nordic Swan Ecolabelled projects The Hill and Vibekevej in Hillerød, Strandtorvet on Amager and in Irmabyen.

And in fact, today Badelement only produces and delivers bathroom pods and service shafts that can be included in sustainable and DGNB-certified construction. Our concrete bathroom pods are included in the database of building products that can be included in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled construction. This is our standard – and we haven’t raised our prices because of it.



Modular bathroom pods and service shafts are developed according to pre-agreed specifications and produced as serialised craftsmanship in the factory. The finished bathroom pods and service shafts are delivered to the construction site at the agreed time, where they are lifted into place in the building – directly from the lorry. This minimises waste and time spent in production, and at the same time it is possible to constantly optimise with the latest innovations on the market, for example, to keep the environmental impact down.



When a building’s bathrooms are prefabricated as complete bathroom pods and as an option with integrated service shafts, one manageable element in terms of meeting various parameters for resource consumption and energy. It makes it easier to understand if the building is to be environmentally or sustainability certified. Both in production and in function. It’s one-stop shopping: one supplier who manages and inspects, with responsibility for fittings, sanitation, electricity, tiling, plumbing, HVAC, ventilation, etc. The parameters are easier to control, and the documentation is included.



Modular bathroom pods and prefabricated service shafts also ensure a high standard at a cheaper price, which is optimal for satisfying the economic and social (comfort) qualities that are also included in the Danish sustainability concept DGNB. Series production is just cheaper because the process is optimised. In addition, product packaging etc. are not left behind on the construction site.

Sustainability and environmental considerations are very much about the entire lifecycle of a building. From design and construction to function and energy consumption to demolition and recycling. Therefore, it is also important that sustainability and environmental parameters are considered from the start of the project.


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