As a developer, you need to consider everything from sustainability to the entire process of planning, construction, possible relocation and subsequent operation and maintenance. This is where our prefabricated service shafts can make a positive contribution in all phases of construction – especially in combination with modular bathroom pods.

All our bathroom pods and service shafts can be included in sustainable construction as standard – it’s in our nature to be at the forefront of future requirements.


The Developper’s benefits of using a prefabricated service shaft

Reduces design and construction time

Prefabricated service shafts create value throughout the project from the 100% digital design phase, through installation and on to the subsequent operation and maintenance. You get a proven concept that reduces design and construction time and minimises subsequent operation and maintenance. In renovation projects, rehousing can be avoided as the installation and commissioning of the service shafts can be done within a short time.

We have chosen to lead the way in the construction industry by offering a unique solution where the prefabricated service shaft can be connected to the bathroom pods at the factory, so both products are delivered and installed in the building as a complete plug & play solution.

The shaft area is reduced by 10-15 % compared to traditional design

Traditionally constructed shafts will need to be designed 10-15 % larger than our prefabricated service shafts, as DS 452 Danish Standard for Thermal Insulation of Technical Installations requires more space between the pipes – so the worker can access the insulation on site. This requirement does not apply at our factory, where work processes are optimised for safety and the working environment, including using the 5S model within Lean.

Better utilisation of m2 – more saleable living space

Traditional service shafts take up a lot of space, which can present challenges in terms of building layout. Standardised prefabricated service shafts allow for better use of space – they are 10-15 % more compact than traditional service shafts and have service access from the bathroom, avoiding the need to take up valuable square metres elsewhere in the building.

Sales plans can be locked in early in the design phase

Full integration with BIM optimises the sales process because the exact goals are determined early on. This means there are no changes to the layout of the home, bathroom, and service shaft afterwards and the sales plan can be locked.

No need for interim heating

Ventilation and heating are commissioned with the service shaft’s temporary construction flow for drying out the building already after the shell is closed, eliminating the need for interim heating.

Minimal and simple operation and maintenance

Our prefabricated service shafts are designed with service access from the bathroom. In addition to providing greater flexibility in space utilisation, the location also facilitates access for subsequent operation and maintenance.

All service shafts are ready to install on delivery, as they are manufactured with ventilation, heating, domestic water, drainage, roof water, electrical routing, etc. and are function-tested and leak-tested at the factory.

Avoid starting from scratch with every new building project

Client consultants, architects, and engineers often provide the client with descriptions of scope, functionality, environment, aesthetics, schedule and finances, as well as sketches and drafts of a potential building. With our conceptual solution for implementing the building’s technical installations, it is no longer necessary to start from scratch with every project.


Faster production. Faster installation. Faster completion.

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