Sustainable construction is also about economics

More and more construction projects want a ‘sustainable’ profile. And with good reason. Interest in building and living sustainably is growing and the value of sustainable buildings is high. Also, because they are cheap to run.

The Danish concept of sustainability includes economic qualities, such as the low running costs of the building – which is linked to low energy consumption.



Economic sustainability is also about the cost of construction – that it is balanced with both environmental considerations and comfort for the users. This is where modular bathroom pods and service shafts are an attractive part of construction. Partly because serial production of bathroom pods and service shafts – from 20 units and up – optimises the budget, and partly because you can have a high level of comfort and at the same time have installations that make the best possible use of resources.



Optimisation opportunities in relation to the total economy over the entire lifetime of the building, including construction costs, should always be in focus. With our installation solution, the construction time is reduced, and the high quality of the prefabricated installations ensures minimal operation and maintenance afterwards.



Our modular bathroom pods are included in the database of building products that can be used in sustainable construction. We have kept the price low – partly due to the advantages of serial production – and deliver high comfort in sustainable materials. All in a quality that is both functionally and aesthetically top-notch – and customised to the individual project. This is a good basis for sustainable construction, as a large part of a home’s energy load comes from the bathroom.


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